Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yard Work

Accomplishing yard work with two little ones can be a daunting task. Sometimes I choose to wait until D is napping, since our little climber needs to be watched constantly. But usually, I try to get some work done when we are all together outside. That way, the children can see me doing meaningful work, and sometimes I even get a little bit done in the process. However, it does take some coordination:

Step 1: Get bundled up. This includes any "babies" who may be accompanying us.

Step 2: About 15 minutes later... go outside.

Step 3: Gather tools and begin to work.


Step 4: Soon enough, realize that work time is over and play time has begun.

Step 5: Come inside, take off our outdoor clothes and shoes in the sunroom, help C and D hang up their own coats. Enter the house and enjoy the warmth.

Step 6 (optional, for days when we're feeling ambitious): Sit down for a little tea party.

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