Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Fermentation Station

I finally received a copy of the book Wild Fermentation, which I'd had on hold at the library for quite some time. As expected, it was right up my alley and I wanted to jump right in to making every single recipe in the book! But, I decided to start with sauerkraut. Next up will be t'ej (honey wine), once we replenish our honey stocks. Fermentation is so magical--it's amazing to see (and taste) the transformation that can happen when something is given time and just the right environment to flourish. Hmm, seems to fit right in with the theme of this blog!

Here is our current fermentation station in the kitchen--soon to grow!

 From left to right: sauerkraut, sourdough starter (now almost 1 year old!) and kombucha. The one on the far right... well, that experiment was a massive failure. Now, let us never speak of it again ;)

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  1. I really like that sauerkraut! It is delicious!