Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Trip to the Homeland

This past weekend, B and I returned to our homeland in the high desert: the place where we both grew up, and the place where we met. We had a wonderful time visiting with family and enjoying the sunny (though cold) weather. We were also happy to be there to offer our congratulations to C&D's Auntie N, who just graduated from nursing school!

Following are some photos from our journey:

Playing in Grandpa and Grandma's cozy living room

D talking on his play phone

Clowning around

With Auntie K at the park

Navigating the grass maze (when in doubt, just go off-roading)

C with her little doggie

 Auntie K with her little doggie

Walking back to Nonna's house
 Long shadows in the late afternoon

Ah, siblings. Sometimes their relationship is happy and peaceful as shown above...

 ... and sometimes it's more like this.

Visiting with cousin S!

 Making "gingerbread" (graham cracker) houses with cousin at Nonna's--what fun! (Although C's roof kept caving in since she applied too much force, but we managed to put it back together again.)

All in all, such a lovely trip. We miss you all already!

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