Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year Begins

Happy 2012 everyone! 

We started off our new year by tackling a big project: saying goodbye to our old plum tree. 

It was on its way out and we were ready to make room for a couple new fruit trees and garden beds, but we were still sad to see it go. 

We have many fond memories of our plum tree. Its fruit helped form the centerpieces for our wedding and contributed to many batches of plum jam and tasty fresh-off-the-tree snacks; its limb held a swing that C used to love pushing D in when he was a little baby. 

We will miss it, but it still has a place in our yard--we plan to use almost every bit of it for various projects around the garden, including a little oyster/shiitake mushroom farm. We're excited about all the possibilities as a new year begins!

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