Monday, February 27, 2012

The Garden in (Almost) Spring

Spring is coming! Seeds are going into the ground, overwintering crops are starting to grow again, and we welcomed two new fruit trees into our garden (a pear and a fig). It's so exciting to see things beginning to take shape. Though we still have a lot of work ahead, it is always so worth the effort, and thoughts (hopes) of bountiful harvests are motivating us to get outside in the garden--even in the rain.

 Front garden beds with overwintered veggies (kale, broccoli, fava beans, romanesco, mache, brussels sprouts, carrots, garlic, onions)

 Overwintered broccoli

 Look! A little floret forming on the romanesco!

Kale going to seed

The little pear tree, a 4-way graft (Bartlett, Flemish Beauty, Conference, and Anjou, if you're curious)

Another new addition, wintergreen. I love its charming (and tasty) red berries!

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