Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today's post is about a new restaurant, Gather, which specializes in farm-to-table, plant-based cuisine. It does have a reputation as being a bit exclusive (you do, after all, have to have the right connections to get in), but the owners are down-to-earth and the food is tasty. The ambiance is quite cozy; with communal seating and an open kitchen, you can watch your food being prepared (and even help out if you are so inclined). Admittedly, the beverage menu is limited and the menu is fixed in advance, though the owners try to appeal to both the adult palate and that of young children. All in all, it's certainly worth the trip!

 Recent offerings at Gather: sushi bowl toppings

 Porcini crusted tofu, mashed potatoes, shallot gravy, and roasted beet salad with pistachios

The proud owners of Gather

Do those folks look familiar? Yes, Gather is actually the name we have given to our new in-house restaurant (AKA the dining room). It all came about when I decided to make a banner for our newly-painted dining space, and thought "gather" would be a suitable slogan. Little did I know that I had tapped into a cultural zeitgeist! Our lovely Bay Area friends, who were visiting at the time, told us about a fabulous-sounding critically-acclaimed restaurant in Berkeley that went by the same name. So, what was there to do, but celebrate with pizza at our new "restaurant"?

Mushroom-tomato- pesto & Pear-almond-Field Roast-sage pizzas with Massaged Kale Salad

Since then, we've enjoyed "cooking at Gather" and it has re-invigorated our meal planning and the way we think about making dinner.

 Menu plan for the week (admittedly more ambitious than most)

 A satisfied customer

I recently read a blog post about the importance of play, and I think that may be why we so enjoy the Gather concept. Turning a daily chore into something of a game makes the process all the more fun. After all, the stories we tell, and the games we play, can turn our lives from something rather dull to something exciting (or at least, something more interesting). So, here's to many more meals at Gather... you know who to contact for reservations!

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  1. Sounds like a great restaurant! We have a similar type of cafe named after our dear furball of a cat, Cafe Snowball.