Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Picture of Rainbows

Yesterday, C drew a picture. To my knowledge, it may have been the first time that she has sat down and said (in this instance), "I'm going to draw some rainbows." Which she did. And they were awesome.

I snapped a photo when she was busy with something else, thinking I would probably post it here. I'm glad I did, because afterward I had the audacity to hang it up on the fridge and compliment her on her lovely rainbows. She then promptly took the picture down, ripped it up, and said (in her most dramatic of voices), "No! It's not nice. I'm never drawing rainbows again." Well, hello little 4-year-old! (I think she may have a slight predisposition towards perfectionism... sorry about that one, C!)

Epilogue: Today she drew another picture of rainbows. This time, I didn't say a word ;)

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