Monday, April 2, 2012

Kale Chips

We'll start off our month of food with a couple recipes from one of our favorite veggies: kale! This tasty and super-nutritious green is easy to grow (we're still eating kale, and kale flowers, from the plants we've had growing since last summer!). Even C and D love it and I often see them picking off a leaf or flower to snack on when we play outside.

Kale chips are a great way to enjoy kale; below is one of our favorite variations (thanks to our pal Jon for passing on the recipe he developed for the tasty topping). They are also delicious with just olive oil and salt!

"Cheesy" Kale Chips


1 bunch kale (any variety works)

1 cup raw cashews (if soaked for several hours beforehand, they are much easier to blend)
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
1 red bell pepper, raw
1/2 tsp sea salt

  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
  2. Remove stems from kale and tear into small, chip-sized pieces. Set aside.
  3. Combine all topping ingredients in a food processor, and blend until creamy.
  4. In a large mixing bowl, mix the cashew cheese with the kale. You want to coat each leaf with the topping and avoid large clumps, so it's best to roll up your sleeves and work with your hands.
  5. Spread kale in a single layer on a baking sheet (you will probably need two baking sheets per bunch of kale) and put into the oven.
  6. Begin checking the chips after about an hour and a half. You want them nice and crispy (though they are still delicious even if they're a bit chewy). This may take 2 hours or longer. You could bake at a higher temperature (though I'd recommend staying below 300) to speed the process, but would have to be more vigilant about removing them as they turn crisp, since they are more apt to burn.
  7. Store crispy chips in an airtight container. If you have any chewy ones that didn't fully dehydrate, it's best to just eat them... otherwise the rest will become chewy. Enjoy!

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