Sunday, April 8, 2012

On This Easter Sunday

 On this Easter Sunday, we:

 Enjoyed the quince blossoms in the kitchen window.

Made an exciting discovery: three shiitake mushrooms growing from a long-forgotten mushroom log.

 Drank iced tea. Outside.

 While barefoot.

 Gave D's beloved baby an outdoor bath.

 Gazed up at the blossoming cherry trees.

Listened to the "stirring of wind chimes."

 Wondered when we will begin to smell the lilacs in the breeze.

 Enjoyed a beautiful family day together.
And we also: hunted for Easter eggs and baskets, stomped in mud puddles, feasted on a delicious brunch (raised waffles are so. good.), wrapped a present, went to a birthday party, fixed some household items, broke some household items, endured multiple tantrums from each child, went on a walk, watched birds flitting through the trees, did some yard work, cleaned up messes, sang songs, and, of course, washed many dishes. In short--this day was full to the brim with life.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful way to pass the day! With all that beauty, it's comforting to know you all are human, too - broken household items and strong toddler emotions are things I know well!

    I wish you a gentle transition into the week ahead :)