Friday, May 25, 2012


Lately, D has been fascinated with bugs and insects. When we took an excursion to our "Secret Garden" last week, he stood watching a honeybee fly from flower to flower while laughing delightedly. We were watching it for a good 10 minutes, and I think he would have stayed all day if the bee hadn't flown away! I love to see his joyful appreciation of the wonders of nature. Today, we watched a little bumblebee buzzing around the sage flowers in our garden:

And, a few more pictures from the day.
Parsnips, garlic scapes and sorrel

 The "house" that C built

The "refrigerator," well-stocked with "Popsicles"

Chillin' with my girl

Friday, May 18, 2012

D's Greatest Hits

Today, we're counting down some of D's frequently used phrases. He turns two in just a few weeks and is really putting those sentences together now! Here are our current top 5 favorites:

#5 "Doing, Dada/Mama?"
This one is a favorite for two reasons. One is due to his questioning inflection, where he adorably draws out the first syllable ("dooo-ing?"). The other is that sometimes he will forget whom he is addressing. So he'll ask me, "Dooo-ing, Dada?" and then realize his mistake and try again: "Dooo-ing, Mama?" This one is in frequent rotation throughout the day, since he so often wonders what we are up to.

#4 "Dat mean?"
Coming in next at #4 is "Dat mean?" I find this one particularly interesting, as he is really asking, "What is that?" Most kids (including his sister) would ask "What's dat?" or simply, "Dat?" By asking, "Dat mean?" the question becomes so much more philosophical. Yes, it is a rice cooker, but what does it mean? What does anything mean? Why are we here?! (Incidentally, I think he picked up this phrasing from his sister, since she is very curious about the meaning of certain words these days. Or maybe he truly is a budding philosopher.)
3. "Ready, set, go!"
We first heard this one at the park the other day. After watching his sister jump off a picnic bench, D stood on another bench with both hands raised above his head, then shouted "Ready, Set, GO!" and "jumped" (which he can't really do yet, so it was more like a controlled fall) off the bench into the grass. Then he got up and was off and running with his sister. We couldn't stop laughing....

#2 "More everything, please!"
This is probably our favorite phrase to hear at mealtime from either child. In theory, it means that they have finished everything on their plates, loved every morsel of it and would like some more. In practice, at least with D, it usually means that they ate their favorite dish and would only like more of that. Still, a most welcome sentiment!

#1 "Sowwy 'bout dat!"
One evening, D was helping me vacuum. As he pushed it down the hall, he accidentally bumped it into the wall. Completely unexpectedly, he said, "Sowwy 'bout dat." I couldn't stop myself from laughing. Then he did it again, and C heard it and cracked up, and now it has become a bit of a catchphrase for him.

Oh, sweet D, bringing so much joy and laughter to our home! We sure love this little guy.

(Photo taken by our pal J.G.)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Onward and Upward

The past few weeks have seen some changes at our house... seems like all of us, in one way or another, are moving onward and upward!

The biggest change has been that B got a new job cooking at a nearby vegetarian restaurant. It's work that he enjoys, and overall is a good step for him. The downside is that this means he has 14-hour days on Fridays and Saturdays (the first half at his tea shop, then closing at the restaurant). The children and I are adjusting to his being away more often, and he is adjusting to this slightly crazy schedule. It will take a while to get used to the new way of things, but adjust we will!

I, on the other hand, have just finished a big project that took over a month to complete: painting our kitchen! I am thrilled that it's finally done and love the new, bold colors. (We decided on a plum-purple accent wall, which really brightens up the space.)

Here's a look at the corner with the stove, before:

And after (a limited view because the stovetop was a mess, but it captures the vibrant color nicely):

Here's a look at the windowsill (though the lighting isn't wonderful so the colors are a bit hard to see):

C's latest development has been climbing trees... she is getting more confident at scaling our dwarf apple tree every time she gives it a try.

And D has been making great strides in leaving diapers behind. He has a great success rate with the potty... but only when he's not wearing pants. We still have a way to go with potty learning, but we're all so proud of that little guy! He's also been talking so much... I'll post soon on some of the frequently heard phrases around here.

Our little cat has been enjoying the sunny weather we've had the last few days. She is in the midst of shedding her winter coat, another sign of the season change ahead.

We haven't been eating much out of the garden yet, save for herbs. Today, though, I found two more shiitakes growing, and was excited to add them and some sorrel to tonight's scramble. I also picked some rhubarb for a strawberry-rhubarb sauce to top our pancakes (breakfast for dinner; a weekly favorite around here).  

And so, on we go! Tomorrow will be the first day in a few weeks that all four of us are together all day, which is celebration enough for me. Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

These Spring Days

These spring days, we've been:

Enjoying snacks outside.

Delighted to see the first spears of asparagus peeking out of the ground!

Relieved to see some fava bean pods (we planted them last October; it's been a long wait!)

Seeing (and smelling) spring blooms everywhere.

Admiring the tiniest little head of garlic I've ever seen.

Watching the children swing, and swing, and swing some more.

Loving the flower arrangements designed by our little ones (heavy on the dandelions!).

Excited to watch the seeds we've started indoors begin to sprout and grow. (Shown here, a pumpkin seed that is looking rather like an other-worldly creature....)

We're so glad that spring is here!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day

This morning we celebrated May Day at C's school--it was so sweet to see all the children adorned with fresh flowers, singing songs and dancing around the Maypole!


Happy May!