Friday, May 18, 2012

D's Greatest Hits

Today, we're counting down some of D's frequently used phrases. He turns two in just a few weeks and is really putting those sentences together now! Here are our current top 5 favorites:

#5 "Doing, Dada/Mama?"
This one is a favorite for two reasons. One is due to his questioning inflection, where he adorably draws out the first syllable ("dooo-ing?"). The other is that sometimes he will forget whom he is addressing. So he'll ask me, "Dooo-ing, Dada?" and then realize his mistake and try again: "Dooo-ing, Mama?" This one is in frequent rotation throughout the day, since he so often wonders what we are up to.

#4 "Dat mean?"
Coming in next at #4 is "Dat mean?" I find this one particularly interesting, as he is really asking, "What is that?" Most kids (including his sister) would ask "What's dat?" or simply, "Dat?" By asking, "Dat mean?" the question becomes so much more philosophical. Yes, it is a rice cooker, but what does it mean? What does anything mean? Why are we here?! (Incidentally, I think he picked up this phrasing from his sister, since she is very curious about the meaning of certain words these days. Or maybe he truly is a budding philosopher.)
3. "Ready, set, go!"
We first heard this one at the park the other day. After watching his sister jump off a picnic bench, D stood on another bench with both hands raised above his head, then shouted "Ready, Set, GO!" and "jumped" (which he can't really do yet, so it was more like a controlled fall) off the bench into the grass. Then he got up and was off and running with his sister. We couldn't stop laughing....

#2 "More everything, please!"
This is probably our favorite phrase to hear at mealtime from either child. In theory, it means that they have finished everything on their plates, loved every morsel of it and would like some more. In practice, at least with D, it usually means that they ate their favorite dish and would only like more of that. Still, a most welcome sentiment!

#1 "Sowwy 'bout dat!"
One evening, D was helping me vacuum. As he pushed it down the hall, he accidentally bumped it into the wall. Completely unexpectedly, he said, "Sowwy 'bout dat." I couldn't stop myself from laughing. Then he did it again, and C heard it and cracked up, and now it has become a bit of a catchphrase for him.

Oh, sweet D, bringing so much joy and laughter to our home! We sure love this little guy.

(Photo taken by our pal J.G.)

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