Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In the Backpack

C was invited to play at a friend's house after school yesterday. She was so excited when she woke up in the morning, and after breakfast she set to work packing up her backpack with all the necessities:

You may be wondering why she has two "phones." And why do they look so... rustic? Well, she decided she needed a phone and began to look around for one of our play phones (we have a couple of retired cell phones set aside for this purpose). When she couldn't find them, she spotted one of these lovely wooden disks (the "plates" of a tea set) and triumphantly decided, "It's OK, I can use this!" When D noticed what she was doing, he found the other one and gave it to her. She looked at him quizzically, then said, "Oh, you want me to have two phones? Sure!" Gotta love that unbridled 4-year-old imagination!

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