Saturday, September 22, 2012

On the Equinox

On this first day of fall,
The basement/root cellar smelled of apples and garlic.

Every spider we saw was humongous.

C read the autumn-themed books we brought upstairs to her little brother.

I roasted fennel and beets and tomatillos and sweet potatoes and broccoli, and prepped a batch of peach bread pudding to enjoy for breakfast tomorrow morning.

I planted my new kale tree.

The rains returned and the air was crisp and sweet.

Wishing everyone a beautiful autumn!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Adventures with Pop-Pop

Oh, what fun was had while Pop-Pop was in town! The children adored having him around, as did we. I couldn't believe how productive I was with both kids happily occupied for long stretches of time. I canned two batches of jam (peach-vanilla and apple butter), purchased and transplanted some new specimens for the front yard (Chilean guava bushes, hardy kiwi vines, and garlic chives), and made some fabulous food, including a raw peach crisp (similar to this one). We had plenty of time for fun diversions too, and the weather was ideal: sunny and warm, with a hint of autumnal breeze.

We went to the beach...


We also explored some nearby parks, rounding off his visit with a trip to the "secret garden." 

Thanks for a great visit, Pop-Pop! We miss you already!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

My dad is in town visiting for a week, and the children are having a wonderful time with their Pop-Pop! We went on an outing yesterday to the zoo. Though they loved seeing the animals, C&D's favorite part was running around in a big pavilion while waving some gigantic fallen leaves (or "flags")....

Friday, September 7, 2012


As C and D get older (they are now 4.5 and 2), their imaginations have begun to flourish. It never ceases to amaze me how they can incorporate the simplest of playthings into their rich inner worlds. Cases in point:

One day, I handed Cora a narrow piece of foam board, a castoff of a project I was working on. She took it eagerly and exclaimed, "This is my train track that has wheels on it and it can drive and it can fly!"

She has also turned her bicycle helmet into a carseat (and the coffee table into a car):

And on another day, some scraps of glossy paper--which once held two stickers--became her "amazement cards." (Not even sure what that means, but they were important to her!)

Wooden blocks become baby bottles, smooth white rocks become "egg sacs" (born out of the Charlotte's Web obsession), Legos are built into boats and garbage trucks and ice cream trucks and houses and trains.

Our farm share box even became a "bathtub" for D one afternoon.

What will they think of next?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We went away on a little road trip today, trying to get as much out of this glorious sunny weather as we can. There was a cool breeze, but the skies were blue and we decided that a trip to the lake was in order.

Majestic mountain through the car window

Testing the water

Let's pretend it was a shooting star

Wishing we had a boat

Little Man

The lake

I sat on the shore, watching the breeze carry golden leaves down onto the glassy water, while Brett took the kids "swimming." Then I snuggled my shivery little girl as she warmed up with the magic trio (mama's arms, warm towel, sunshine), quietly enjoying all the beauty of late summer at the lake.