Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Day

We had a lovely, laid-back Thanksgiving Day. It's long been Brett's and my favorite holiday: food, family, gratitude--what could be better?

The promise of a feast wasn't as exciting for our (ahem) non-foodie four-year-old, so we decided to sweeten the deal with an activity that everyone could get behind: making "gingerbread" houses out of graham crackers. (I briefly entertained the idea of baking homemade gingerbread for this purpose, but that was quickly shelved.)

This picture pretty much sums up D's approach:

(In summary: Spread icing on graham cracker. Eat. Nibble on candies. Repeat.)

C, on the other hand, was more serious about the task (though she had her fair share of goodies as well).

Later, C was responsible for making the centerpiece. We found a single daisy on our morning walk around the neighborhood, and D found a few choice rocks, which inspired C's design. Personally, I found it lovely (it reminds me of a beautiful Mary Oliver poem, which I thought I might read before we ate, but C, of course, rejected the idea).

At dinner, when each of us shared what we are thankful for, Brett and I expressed the usual grown-up thankfulness for our wonderful family, our sweet children, our good health, our warm home. C, old enough this year to fully participate in the ritual, came up with the following list of things for which she is thankful: Thanksgiving, blankets, heaters, doorknobs, and the roof of our house.

Then yesterday, she asked me, "Can we still be thankful for things today?"--a question that I loved. After assuring her that yes, we can--and should!--be thankful everyday, she said, "Okay, I'm thankful for earth, and sky, and... doorknobs," giggling.

Oh, we are fortunate indeed.

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  1. I do think that what C is thankful for is often times looked over by us adults. When I read that she was thankful for doorknobs I immediately thought to myself that I am too very thankful for such little things that we take for granted. A very wise girl indeed. :)