Saturday, May 25, 2013

This Spring

My, what a busy spring it's been! Over the last few months, we have:

Played at the beach on a sunny day:

Played inside on rainy days:

Hiked in nearby woods with friends:

Flown a kite at the park:


Listened to records:

 Gone canoeing on Mother's Day:

Visited the Secret Garden:

And we have been working on our home (next up, exterior painting!). And working... at work. And writing, and reading.

And we all got sick (stomach flu, ugh), and we all got better.

We had some summer-like weather earlier this month, which the plants loved. This is what the front yard looked like two months ago:

And this is how it looks today. Who likes fava beans? We're going to have quite a crop!

Growth, change; sun, rain. Ah, the glories of spring!

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