Sunday, June 2, 2013

Art Gallery

Every day, the children sit at their little table by the window and put crayon to paper. They are quite prolific, but here are a few standout pieces.

First up, three by C:

This little princess's cheeks are red and black because, as C explained, "she just ate chocolate raspberries." Doesn't she look like someone who just had a delicious treat? I can see the sugar daze--and the profound longing for more--in those big eyes.

This is a family portrait. I just love it.

These illustrate one of C's latest obsessions: The Wizard of Oz. She received an abridged copy of the book for her birthday, and then we started listening to the movie soundtrack, and then I found an old copy of Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz in the basement and we just finished reading it aloud. But, I digress! Pictured here is Dorothy in her blue-and-white checked dress, alongside a rainbow (another frequent object of illustration).

Most of the time, D just scribbles, but here's a little gem of a self-portrait that he drew recently.

Very Tim Burton, don't you think?

Though the living room is constantly scattered with scraps of paper, I do love watching their drawing skills progress, and seeing little bits of our lives reflected in their art.

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