Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Love This Day

Whenever we do something the children enjoy (go for an outing to the beach, bake a tasty treat, visit a park), they sigh contentedly and exclaim, at random intervals, "I love this day!" (Incidentally, I think we should adopt that as our family's motto. I am also envisioning T-shirts.)

Today was a particularly good one.

The serious berry picker

The goofy one

In the morning, we picked blueberries at a nearby farm, then had lunch at a delicious Vietnamese restaurant. The afternoon involved bike riding, splashing in the backyard pool with new beach balls, and eating a tasty dinner. Afterward, Brett and the children played Super Nintendo in the newly cleaned-out basement while I processed the blueberries.

I enjoyed this task very much. I got to sit in the quiet dining room listening to music, sipping sparkling water with lime and mint, sorting out the bad berries and eating all of the too-ripe ones. It was satisfying work.

Most satisfying of all... we managed to pick 7.5 pounds of organic blueberries today (which only took a pleasant hour and a half). The total cost of the berries seen here, plus a full cookie sheet that was already in the freezer: $11.25.

These are the things that make me feel rich.

I love this day.