Monday, August 19, 2013

Near Summer's End

This morning, as I write, it is dark still. A few weeks ago, when I began waking at 5am, it was already light (and hence much easier to get out of bed). I suppose that means the summer is winding down--how could it be? it only just got started!--and I am not quite ready for it to end.

Of course, it isn't over yet. There are still a few weeks of August left (and, even better, much of this time will be spent on family vacation). September is always glorious here, and this year we have even more to look forward to as we begin homeschool kindergarten with C.
This lovely stack of books pretty much sums up what I'm into these days...

So, really, I suppose there is no sense in lamenting the near end of summer, for each season brings its own delights; summer has only passed me by because I failed to adequately notice it. Paying attention will be easier, I hope, now that my novel is finally coming together. In the year since I began, much of my waking (and also dreaming) thoughts have been devoted to plotting storylines, to crafting scenes, to pondering characters. Now that I wake early every day (yes, every. single. day), I've been powering right along, and this has freed up precious brain space for other things. Like, say, noticing the delightful sweet-tartness and sun-warmth of freshly picked grapes, or the pleasures of eating dinner outside, under the boughs of cherry trees.

Now, I am ready. Summer, we shall make the most of the time we have left together. And when Autumn inevitably swirls in on the golden breeze, I will be ready to welcome her too.