Friday, October 18, 2013

Words of the Week, Volume 1

This week, I've been listening to the often-whimsical, occasionally nonsensical statements my daughter makes. Here are a few of the many gems.... 

"Look at me! I'm like a little bishop!" 
(Said while moving diagonally across the parquet floors. Brett has been teaching her chess--she seems to enjoy the game, mostly because of its long list of rules. She likes rules.)

"Seven-year-olds get iPhones." 
(Oh? This was news to me.)

"If spiders ate flowers, they'd have to be, like, a tarantula eating a forget-me-not." 
(Hmm, I suppose that size differential is just about right.)

And, finally....

"Only [the] French can see invisible things." 

Stay tuned next week for some wise words from my son, who also has his fair share of bon mots.

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