Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wheelbarrow of Treasures

This afternoon, C&D hunted for treasure while I raked the front yard. As I piled up leaves, I noticed that C had curated her findings rather artfully in their child-sized wheelbarrow.

Each of these items has a story behind it. Let's examine the collection more closely, shall we? 

  • Item 1: A rose picked from our garden (our rose bush, astoundingly, is in bloom despite the recent hard frosts). D told me that he wanted to give it to his preschool teacher... but it ended up part of the treasure collection instead.
  • Item 2: A tiny basket that I bought once at a craft store, because, apparently, I have a weakness for tiny baskets (and tiny shoes, but that's another story).
  • Item 3: A glow-in-the-dark butterfly that grows larger when it soaks in water. This was a trick-or-treat prize from the preschool's Halloween party. When D heard about its powers to expand, he asked me, "How big does it get? As big as a person?" Luckily for us, it did not grow to human size. 
  • Item 4: A lovely handmade hair clip, given to C by one of her aunties.
  • Items 5 and 7: The golden walnuts C found in her slippers on St. Nicholas day during the two years she was at preschool. 
  • Item 6: Bubbles, probably from a long-ago birthday party (there is very little "bubble juice" left in the container).
  • Item 8: A flower button, which escaped from a blanket C's auntie made but was rediscovered as a treasure due to its pretty pinkness.
  • Item 9: A pink bracelet from a birthday party C&D attended a few weekends ago. It was found during the course of a treasure hunt, so its inclusion here is self-evident.
  • Item 10: A fossilized piece of chalk, left outdoors to soak up water and mud, but happily rediscovered.
  • Item 11: A pinecone. We have a fairly extensive indoor pinecone collection, but judging by this one's dampness, it must have been a fresh outdoor acquisition.
  • Item 12: A leaf "shaped like a tulip" (according to C).
  • Item 13: A rock "shaped like an egg" (also according to C).
  • Item 14: A bubble wand (along with its blue canister, below the rose). This bubble contraption was a gift from the Easter bunny, which I had forgotten, until C reminded D of this important fact.
  • Item 15: A beautiful "sapphire" ring, also procured at the preschool Halloween event.
  • Item 16: A prism that once hung in our window, until its string broke. I'm not sure exactly where the children found it, but it is undoubtedly treasure-like.
  • Item 17: A necklace given to us by our neighbor. (He likes to occasionally bestow upon us random kid-friendly items that he receives from his donations to charity. It's very sweet).
  • Item 18: It may not look like much, but this half-popsicle stick is actually my favorite item in the collection. C's best friend gave this to her after one of their last playdates before she moved to Europe. It just makes my heart melt to know how precious this small thing is to C, not so much because of what it is, but what it represents: the memory of that wonderful afternoon spent playing with her dear friend.
  • Item 19: A key. I don't really know where it came from, but keys are always fun, especially when you're slightly obsessed with The Secret Garden.
  • Item 20: This is a drawer pull that C excavated it from a friend's backyard over the summer. This angle doesn't do it justice; it's really quite pretty, and makes a fabulous table for fairies.

So, there you have it: a wheelbarrow full of treasures, and stories, and memories. A beautiful collection.